We've answered the most common questions we receive, but we're not perfect and might have missed one or two. Please get in touch and we'll gladly answer any questions.


Do I need a website?

Obviously we're biased, but yes you do. Even though many businesses use social media to promote themselves and get visitors, people who see you on Twitter, Facebook etc. will often visit a company's website to verify their legitimacy.

Also, social media is a trend at the moment. What works today might not work tomorrow. Having your own website means you'll always be online and be found regardless of the latest trends.

Do I need web hosting?

Yes. The web host is where your website "lives" on the internet. Without web hosting, no one would be able to access your website.

Why not just build my own site with a "free" website builder?

You could.

That's where we started in 2008. It didn't work, but because we're curious types, we decided to find out what it takes for a website to work as intended.

We've spent the last 11 years honing our skills in web design, development, optimisation and SEO.

The DIY route is not as cheap as you might think. You still need web hosting, the skills to know what your customers want and how to get your website found in Google etc..

Why are your websites so cheap?

Because we have ready made templates built which are quick to deploy on new websites.

All we need to is swap the content and images for yours. It's important that every website has unique content relevant to your business.

How quickly can my website be ready?

Normally within 2-3 days. But that depends on how quickly we receive your content and images.

Can you supply the website content and images?

Yes, we can. We can use "stock" images that relate to your business.

If you'd like us to write unique text, we can do that for an additional cost of £50.

There's no extra cost if we use stock images instead of yours.

Are updates included in the monthly hosting fee?

Yes, but updates are limited to existing content. For example, if you want to change some text or update your prices etc..

Additional pages are not included. However, we can add a new page to your website for £20 per page.

How quickly are updates done?

On weekdays, usually on the same day. We can't guarantee updates will be done at weekends, but it's sometimes possible.

Is your web hosting good?

It's very good! In over 3 years we haven't experienced any downtime, which means it's very reliable.

Our hosting is UK based which is better for UK based businesses because your website will load very quickly. Websites that take a long time to load are bad for user experience.

Do you only make websites for people in the UK?

No. In fact we've built many websites for people in the U.S., Australia, Germany, and Russia.

Can I call you?

If you'd prefer to speak to someone rather than use the contact form, call us on 01924 950646. Call to this number are **not** premium rate.

Website speed test results for Wakefield Web Design

In the image above are the speed test results for this website. The scores are well above average. Our loading time is 386ms, that's milliseconds. Again, the average is over 6 seconds.

You can test this, or any other, website at GTmetrix.

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